25 Years Clinically Proven

MP PowerLock

With its impressive track record since 1994 and intraoperative adjustments the modular connection of MP® is the perfect integration to the Megasystem C®.

The modular connection of the MP® is located much more proximal, where there is less strain on the connection, avoiding potential fatigue fractures associated with alternative mid-stem morse taper connection designs.

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40 Years Clinically Proven

ENDO Model

The Endo-Model® knee prosthesis first came to the market in 1979 to provide a more natural gait through physiological pivot and axial rotation.

Today both Endo-Model® and Endo-Model® SL® knee systems are fully integrated into the Megasystem C®, providing maximum interoperative flexibly.

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70 years of solutions for

The Seemingly Impossible

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No Matter The Challenge

Plan A through Z

The high modularity of the Megasystem C® allows partial bone replacement of the proximal and distal femur in graduations as small as 10mm.

Two hinge mechanisms to choose from in both Rotating and Fixed variants, combined with both cemented and cementless stems enables Megasystem C® to address the most challenging of scenarios.

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Megasystem C
40 years of clinical heritage adds up to


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